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We are victims of an plot international

["We are victims of an plot international. Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed into the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] Our civilization suicide bends for to defend those who want to destroy us. of Magdi Cristiano Allam.
27/05/2013 080902 (Il Giornale) - How much is happening around and inside of us makes us touch with hand the agony of secular civilization and liberal West, both in its economic dimension, capitalism, both in its political dimension, democracy, both in its constitutional dimension, I Status national, both in its spiritual dimension, Christianity. and not it is the approaching of a death due to failure of our civilization, but orientation partially unconscious and totally irresponsible to commit suicide, choosing of submit to the dictatorship of speculative finance and twofold dell 'eurocracy that are killing and the real economy the substantive democracy, the dictatorship of the globalism that it knocks down our borders and dell'immigrazionismo promotes the ideology, the dictatorship of the relativism that undermines the core values ​​of our humanity by promoting the spread of Islamic ideology with her led of terrorism, violence, hatred, destruction, will, and dissimulation culture of death.

How not see the report mirror and complementary between the attack of two of the terrorists British Christian converts to Islam that behead the soldier UK Christian to and London the acquittal of the first Minister UK Christian qualifying the attack as an "betrayal of Islam"? as we could explain the fact that the network of mosques and of radical Islamic movements, such as Al Muhajiroun (The Emigrants), whose leaders - the Anglo-Pakistani Anjem Choudary and the Syrian Omar Bakri - have  welcomed the cutter head and praised the attack, continue the activity of "production" of Islamic terrorists, if not considering the power of Islamic finance in the City and this blackmail Perpetual  the sheiks that lavish petrodollars to condition that you build mosques?

Such as not we could take note of the ratio of the interdependence between supply Sheikh of the Qatar Mohamed Al Hemadi in visit to Mazara of the Vallo the last May 16  ("I Available to contribute to the consolidation started the Casbah by the City Council, through an action to my cost of Recovery territorial that also provides for the creation of a mosque"), the 'enthusiastic reception of the Mayor Nicola Cristaldi ("The proposal of Sheikh is reason pride for our policy and multicultural multi-ethnic and we think is right that our city has a mosque "), and the full support of the bishop, Monsignor Domenico Mogavero (" The mosque is an law fundamental. is freedom of worship, an right people's basic that not it can be ignored either in name of a misunderstood reciprocity ").

Equally as you may not reflect on the silence of European governments about the presence of over 800 Islamic terrorists with European citizenship in Syria where they fight for in size group Jabhat to explaining Front (Victory) , tied up Al Qaeda, killing Christians and Muslim minorities, while the European Union is officially sided with Islamic terrorists together to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar? as are self-explanatory the embarrassment of the French President Hollande to mentioning the identity of the Islamic terrorist that has tried of cut the throats of an soldier French to Paris and that the authorities Swedish to make public the names of immigrants that a week are placing to iron and to fire the suburbs of Stockholm and of other cities?

The truth is that servile dictatorships financial Eurocratic, globalist and relativist Us nell'autocensura precipitates vietandoci of accurately represent reality. So as suffer our reduction one state of poverty even though we are an rich country submitting ourselves to terrorism psychological of those who would have us believe that the power of the banks, the single currency and  the market globalized would be and inviolable irreversible, also suffer the dispossession of our values ​​and the loss of our identity to because of the choice of the political class, the Curia and Catholic the hegemonic culture that legitimate the 'Islam and the killing national borders.

The agony of our civilization and secular Liberal emerges as the homage the costs that the costs of the formal dimension capitalism, democracy, and the nation spirituality, up to to the point to debase and give up the substantial size, that brings us to be ashamed of, to say calmly, firmly and proudly that this is our home, that Italy is the home of the Italian. On the contrary we of self-imposed consider our home as a land of none, where anyone can take possession, to scream speakerphone that due to him and rights freedom even if is entered illegally, if you reside irregularly, if opera for and destroy destroy us. Well this agony not is not is a calamity our mission is to redeem our right inalienable to life, dignity and the freedom to here home.

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["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] To Colle Val D'Elsa the new mosque "Italian" megaphone fundamentalism Islam. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 19/05/2013 091731 (Il Giornale) - At last we have a mosque Italian! Wanted by Italian anticipating the same claims of the Islamists, managed by Italians in cahoots with Muslims, funded by the Italian together with Muslims, with an imam (religious leader) Italian converted by Muslims. The mosque of Colle Val D'Elsa, of Debuting, embodies the suicidal choice of Italy ideologically colluding with Islam of ally themselves with their own aspirant executioner, devoting to sacrificial victim on the altar of the  relativism, of the doing good, of the pro-Islamism and of the more unconventional materialism.

We are seeing, for, many unknowingly for Other irresponsibly, the evolution of species dell'islamicamente correct in Italy. At the beginning there was the mosque of Segrate, the first with dome and minaret, which was granted scope local treat the will of the Islamic community of foreign to put down roots in the our Country. After is sort the Great Mosque of Rome, financed by Saudi Arabia, built in scope the national political class that has ruled in the First Republic as monument the choice of Italy ally and of submit to the holders of the god oil on the shores of the other the Mediterranean. Now, finally, in the context of globalization inspired by multiculturalism and from speculative finance, will inaugurate the Mosque of Colle Val D'Elsa wanted and managed by an Italian public institution, the Town (managed as usual, by and communists from them descendants), funded with a total of 500,000 Euros an Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi of Siena, for through its Foundation (also in the hands of the Communists and the them descendants). As well it will be the first mosque that in Italy will represent and act as a case of resonance of the so-called "Arab Spring", the most colossal media lie that has enabled the advent the power of the fundamentalists and the Islamic extremists own of front-to our house, accepting generous donations of the Qatar and Saudi Arabia (cost total the mosque is of of 1.5 million EUR), that are  own those that finance Islamic terrorists that are killing Christians and Muslim minorities not Sunni.

They are states before Marco Spinelli, mayor Ds to Colle from 1994 to 2004, and then her successor Paul Brogden, of the emblem the rising bad-communism that has marked the Second Republic, in them as of members of the Foundation of the Monte dei Paschi of Siena to want to all costs the mosque, by promoting the grant of 500,000 Euros to end lost (of which 300 thousand for  the mosque and EUR 200 thousand for the redevelopment of the surrounding area), offering half the area of ​​the park Municipal San Lazzaro in the neighborhood Abbey (3,200 square meters) to the self-styled "of the Muslim community Siena and province, "entrusting and paying the study of feasibility architect Tarantino Danilo Raccuja, converted Islam, rejecting, two referendum promoted by the citizens of Glues why the construction of mosque not have an "interest in the question of an project presented as an subject Private bearer of definitive deserving of rights protection according to statutory principles of good faith," even if  then contradicting the City has decided of not cash charges of urbanization and construction and of setting an rent of the soil slightly more that Symbolic.

Our Islamist allies would be "a person Private bearer of definitive entitlements deserving of protection according to statutory principles of good faith"? But they know all that behind the code "of the Muslim Community of Siena and province," that has signed with the City agreement for the construction of the mosque, lies the Ucoii , ideologically affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, those that with the acronym Hamas practice terrorism suicide, that in Syria are responsible of heinous massacres, that in Egypt aim the elimination of Christians. It ' light and round Article 2 of the status Annex time of opening the file "Community of Muslims of Siena and province," recorded to Poggibonsi at lo Study of the notary Andrea Pescatori March 17 1999 (No. 217, series 1, 260,000 paid L.) "The Association of Community and acceding Islamic Organizations in Italy (Ucoii)."

In an interview with the weekly magazine of the New Yorker May 2006, Oriana Fallaci said, "I do not want to see this very mosque close to my house in Tuscany, not I want to See also minaret of 24 meters in the landscape of Giotto When I not I can not even wear a cross or bring a Bible in the their Country! if I'm still alive I will go by my friends anarchists to Carrara and with them I take Explosives and I can jump in the air. "

Poor Oriana! We must blame first of all with ourselves! The case the mosque of Colle Val D'Elsa touch with us hand that we are our us the main enemy, that first of of the worry terrorism Islamic we must take care of our vocation to suicide of our civilization. After the offensive and policy media to favor of ius soli, the decriminalization of the crime of entrance illegal, the banning the word "illegal", exaltation dell'immigrazionismo with for the unconditional opening of our borders, with the inauguration of the first mosque Italian are making an additional step in forward the direction of the abyss. And then redeem the our law and duty to be fully ourselves to our house claiming the resignation of both the Minister Integration Kyenge that he says, "I could not be entirely Italian," is the stop mosques that promote the ideology of Islamic soaked hatred, violence and death. Stop the mosque!

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["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] To comparison with Nigel Farage I love Italy is a candidate to represent the opposition all'Eurocrazia in Italy. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 14/05/2013 203307 Dear friends of I love Italy, this afternoon the seat of the Parliament European to Brussels there was a meeting of the Group of 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy (Eld) chaired by Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and Co-chaired by Francesco Spurs of the Northern League, to I adhere to as vice president as the leader of I love Italy.

Farage has illustrated the new policy prodottasi in United Kingdom with the recent success UKIP that has obtained about 25% in local elections, becoming the third political force after and the Labour the Conservatives . "Today there are 4 of the ministers Government Cameron that of done marry UKIP favorable position at the exit of the United Kingdom the European Union. It is of an change historical why it is our choice Set the center politics. Anyone would dream more of irriderci and Us become a structural reality of the country. "

The colleague Fiorello Provera, the Northern League, has expected that in the next Parliament European the face of the euro-skeptics or euro-critics will be much more consistent. In this context Farage believes that the euro-skepticism will be transversely in all the political right to the left. Mario Borghezio, always the Northern League, has highlighted the need of equip this common front euro-skeptic of a political platform that Us light the key points shared.

In my action I said two concepts. The first one is the political opportunity and of media qualify in positive and not only in negative, ie of highlight that we are to favor of monetary sovereignty and legislative, and not only that are against the euro and against this Europe of bankers and bureaucrats. The second is the opportunity of give life to a network of political parties that in each country participating in the European Union and promote the same strategy that, as a whole, serve to encourage the growth electoral of each individual in the own Country.

Well, dearest of friends I love Italy, I turn to for you manifest the belief that I love Italy can and should act as subject political that in  Italy is the face of the opposition and all'Eurocrazia the promoter of the Ransom of our monetary sovereignty, legislative, judicial and national. These instances are present in single-issue but some associations that not have neither a policy nor a presence in consistency the institutions, while not are all no in no political actors present in the Parliament. I take the opportunity for detect that both Beppe Grillo is Roberto Maroni you are both pronounced to favor of an referendum on the euro (can not is permissible with the current laws), but both have clear of to be for the euro and the European Union.

We will work as of now for consolidate our movement and make it to the next European elections in the May 2014 ready to achieve consensus the Italians that will be aware of the necessity of redeem the our sovereignty for to revive him development and employment, and safeguard the family the local community, ensure an the future for the young. Let's go forward! Together we will succeed!
["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] Lo ius soli? The shot of grace that kill our civilization. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 13/05/2013 080123 (Il Giornale) - Is the front of the captive-Communists supported unfortunately by CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), that promotes the offensive for the legalization of ius soli the right automatic citizenship to those born in Italy. Lo ius soli promises as stroke of grace that kill our civilization and secular Liberal on the floor and values identity, in Parallel with the financial and the European dictatorships that are killing  our civilization on the floor economic and social. A reflection that is also necessary in the light of the tragedy caused by the Ghanaian Kabobo to where we have given asylum policy even in the more absolute contempt of our civilization.

Such as the de-Christianization of Europe is occurred more for adherence to the ideology of the Europeans relativism in its religious declension that has created "enmity against of ourselves," as the called masterfully Benedict XVI, that for over Islam, equally likely of the Italian nation to be sunk by our most the same repudiation of our civilization, the very existence or sconfessandone however, the goodness, for uncritically adopt the ideology of the globalism to regardless of its consequences for us and for our children, that impetuousness of immigrants.

Is since Maximum D'Azeglio (1798-1866) said, "We have done Italy, now it is of Italians do", that it is spread the place common that not is there any Italian civilization, understood as a common platform of values ​​and national identity. not to case those that they promote the ideology of the globalism, that is based on the idea that the world is one land and that humanity has an unconditional right  of the settle everywhere desires, are those that deny, oppose and scoff the concept the same of Italian national identity.

Is the case of Paul Gandolfi, MP Pd, that in reference to a petition for my the resignation of the newly appointed minister Integration Kyenge Cécile for he argued, "I could not be entirely Italian "after to have sworn on the Constitution of performing his duties in the" exclusive "of the nation, has replied in fashion mocking" Unfortunately are high 1 meter and 90 cm and my name denotes blatant and Gandolfi incontestable Lombard origins, dating back to the sixth, century AD I admit of not feel completely Italian, also why When hear the scent French fries, walking for a town of Flanders, only that then I feel really to home. Compounding all what I think, also that those born in Italy and is to be Italian. for this I ask you kindly of sign a petition also for ask for my resignation from Parliament. " Sandra Paw, Parliamentarian of the Democratic Party, I wrote "His reflections are hallucinating (...) to civilization you are referring to is really as far as initiatives his own. Prides nationalists devastated and our history our peoples. "

Comments by the Italian parliament or Europeans of the center-right. I take act that if there is to intervene on the key issues that concern the size of the values, identity and civilization that match the certainty of who we are, is more easy that the face the front of the relativists and the globalists, that not who has to the heart of the Italian nation. Also in this case, as well as and it happened before during the election campaign, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of CEI, it is heard in of duty go in field to favor of ius just saying that is an "law a fundamental human that in the this must be safeguarded."

The center-right and all the Italians that love Italy, that have to heart the future of our children should Acting for valoriali and support the reasons identity that substantiated our civilization, for clarify that the Italian nation not is a desert land, that not we want either transform in a colony of the Chinese economic and financial nor in a colony of Islamic religious-cultural.

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["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] The Kyenge resign why has sworn false not it can serve the unique Italy's interest of those who say not be "entirely Italian." of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 06/05/2013 081629 to name of the Italians that love Italy and that have to heart the supreme interest the Italians ask for the resignation of the newly appointed minister for l 'Integration Kyenge Cécile for swearing false on the Constitution.

Upon assuming his office, Sunday, April 28 at the Quirinale, had said the ritual formula "I swear of to be faithful to the Republic of faithfully observe the Constitution and laws and of perform my duties in 'exclusive interest the nation. " But in his first press conference to Palace Chigi Friday, May 3 has said that "I could not be entirely Italian," what that is Incompatible with the oath of performing his duties in the interest " exclusive "of the nation. These are his words "I am a Italo-Congolese, and I want to stress, are Italo-Congolese why I belong to two cultures, to two countries that are inside of me and not  I could be entirely Italian, not I might be entirely Congolese, this also justifies my double identity, what justifies what that I I port behind. This is with the first thing when I said I would like to be defined. "

For the first time in the history of the Republic shall be designated an Minister that not you hear of the all Italian and that not neither intends to become one why it is conceived as depositary of a double national identity, Italo-Congolese, saying candidly of belong to and the two countries to two cultures. in addition to the clear constitutional and incompatibility policy entrusting an ministry of the Republic to an citizen that not you will recognize or identify with Italian identity in its entirety, the Kyenge embodies distortion the and our culture our tradition about the concept of nationality of a corporation of Homeland and of the nation.

It is clear that if there being an vice of origin, ie not adherence to national identity in Italian mode full and exclusive, not we must be surprised that the Kyenge put before the claims of immigrants than The basic Italian, arriving to conceive as national priorities for the automatic granting of citizenship to the children of foreigners born in Italy, that to them again automatically agree parents the right even if citizenship not exist the conditions specified by the law, abolition of the crime of underground, the closure of Cie (Centres of identification and of expulsion) and the legalization of undocumented immigrants, the reception of immigrants unconditional why would be only a resource and never and then never an problem, the wider extension of the right kindergarten political.

The choice of Kyenge is fruit the share of the part an large foot-in-catholic-communist dell'immigrazionismo relativist ideology, the ideology that requires of us to consider the positive and immigration immigrants good to regardless of the consequences for the our lived and our daily lives. In the photo of of the family new Government Been to Kyenge is reserved the place of honor, between the head the Status Napolitano and the President of the Council Letta. Is state only an excess of sake for not being labeled as racist if you were mixed, as well as should be in the middle the government team?

Her to be "black", as she has wanted to be publicly qualified is become the distinction that not we can of ideas worth contesting the charge of racism? if Been are united the racists (I of Egyptian origin with a mother that it was pitch black of Sudanese origin!) for having supported "Before Italians," explaining that, above all in a tragic stage which 44% of households not get to end of the month, Italians should be granted priority in access the goods and services, then we must reformulate the contents of the basic concepts of our civilization. We should, to say that Italy not is the more the homeland of the Italians but the land of all those that that port and plant their tents that the Italian identity not longer corresponds to Christian roots, culture and secular liberal, fundamental rights of the person, that Italian civilization not is the more qualitative dimension that enhances the excellence of its history but the quantitative dimension that sum instances of identity, and cultures different religions that is put on the same plan to apart from them content.

We do that we are proud of being 100% Italian, to apart from the fact of being born abroad and of skin color, we support to speakerphone that Italy is Homeland the Italians, we ask that the integration takes place in the context national identity and values the rules of Italian citizenship, as well as ask, that immigration should be included, as well as regulated by fostering lo development and conditions of decent living in the countries of origin of immigrants to make migration is the result of a choice and not of compulsion. Since 2005, I proposed to the then President of the Council Silvio Berlusconi the birth of the Ministry Identity, Citizenship and Integration Cooperation development, such as it was actually made by Sarkozy in France in the 2007. Now more that never, "Before Italians"!

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["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] Unique success of Nigel Farage in Great Britain it grows in all'Eurocrazia opposition across Europe. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 04/05/2013 135418 Unique success of the Party for the Independence of the United Kingdom, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), led by Nigel Farage, the local elections that have concerned 35 Tips of County and of Metropolitan area. Winning a total of 130 seats, representing 25% of the vote, the UKIP becomes the third party Britain behind to Labor and Conservatives and overcoming the Liberals. He had 8 directors in the 2009, now it has in all 147, with 17% more of the vote.

Farage is MEP and chairs the Group Europe of Freedom and Democracy (Eld), to which adheres I love Italy and to which I participate as vice-president ELD.

The UKIP has participated the elections with strong three proposals no Europe (exit by the European Union), no immigrants (freezing visas for 5 years), no to gay marriage (but yes to civil unions).

Success UKIP highlighted the growth in across Europe of the foot opposite all'Eurocrazia and favorable for a redemption of full monetary sovereignty, legislative, judicial and national of each the state.

In recent weeks in Germany is emerged an new Subject political, Alternative for Germany, Wizard Bernd Lucke, is given some surveys up 20%, but in any case with an consensus more than 7%.

In France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, resulting in second place in the polls after former President Sarkozy today if you go to vote again, while Hollande rushes in third place.

In the rest Europe the positions of the parties hostile all'Eurocrazia swing both on the floor identity (where you record even racist connotations) is on the floor of the consent.

I love Italy is the only one Subject political that in explicitly promotes Italy's exit from the euro is both the European Union, with an a proposal and secular liberal that focuses on the person, the natural family, the local community, not the values negotiable, rules and the common good.

I love Italy points out that an indication of the M5S and the Northern League as political actors that in Italy is connoterebbero as Eurosceptics is of the everything unfounded, why Grillo is both Maroni clearly said of to be favorable and the euro both the European Union. It is of an will journalism that makes us understand with how much superficiality or perhaps for devious motives operate the Italian press.

From today will promote with the greater force of the mission redeem our sovereignty, dignity and confident of freedom to have an increasingly viewed elsewhere in Europe thanks to the increased awareness of the responsibility of the European Dictatorship in the destruction of the real economy and impoverishment the citizens.

Let's go forward in time to our mission to give a soul to Italy and Europe! Together we will succeed!
["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] With Letta is born the consociational regime expression of the Dictatorship financial and relativist media
Magdi Cristiano Allam. 30/04/2013 132412 with the government of Enrico Letta Italy is established an consociational regime to whose members are PD, PDL and Choice Civic that consecrates the triumph of financial dictatorship that is based on the dictatorship of relativism and is Dictatorship supported by the media.

When 13 months of the Government Mario Monti when the same subjects were political and allies they barricaded behind the so-called technicians, are now leave at discovered for to build with the greater determination same strategy of statement of speculative finance and globalized Eurocracy stripping of the all Italy of its monetary sovereignty, legislative, judicial and national.

The consociativismo Letta version is the glue of the castaways of party politics an PDL that survives only thanks to the charisma of the Berlusconi forced to remain why scene deny him an safe-conduct the judiciary ideological , an Pd that is imploded with Secretary Bersani forced to resign why incapable of gain respect and of assert its strategy within of the her the same party; Choice Civic that born beheaded for the inaction of an Monti servant of the bankers confused for the savior of his country.

Since its early stages it is clear that the parties conceive Government Having read as a footbridge for privileged media continue the campaign, in order of increasing consensus each for your self-interest, in the knowledge That  early, you will return to vote.

Is the case the scripted Imu, council tax only on the first house, introduced by Monti in the January 2011 with the approval of the Democratic Party, PDL and UDC, that in campaign Berlusconi had promised of return, that yesterday while Letta of gain confidence in the House had promised of suspend payment to June, but that today is the newly appointed minister for Relations with the Parliament, Dario Franceschini, it is reneged all saying, "the IMU not will be removed, there will be an extension for the installment of June," is the newly appointed minister for Regional Affairs, Graziano Delrio, has confirmed that "the IMU will be suspended for the installment of June with the commitment to lighten it all for the least the poor. The work will be done with the Parliament, not we can either know the point of landing. " and you not you think that this charade has been agreed, that each of them also reads role, certain of we can treat as if we incapable of understanding and of the will, to the point  that an day allow of and to say one thing the day of the exact support contrary without that by the citizens there is a reaction of Outrage or the choice of rebel?

The truth is that Letta is dependent on the same powers and globalized financial eurocratici to they belong Monti, Napolitano, Dragons, Prodi, Amato, Ciampi, Bonino. to About Bonino, you've never as asked is can that you may have been given the charge of important Minister Foreign despite having the Party Radical, to to which she belongs, obtained an result is disastrous in the last election and that therefore not is not even represented in Parliament? The answer is that the appointment of Bonino is had been endorsed by the powers that flow in the Group Bilderberg to she is a member.

I love Italy urges Italians to distance themselves from the government why Letta is the same strategy initiated by Monti, aimed at the destruction and the real economy the condemnation to death of business, depletion of Italians and to disruption the families that not be able to carry out the most vital function of social safety net.

I love calls to Italy collection of all Italians goodwill for create an front, wider possible face a redemption of our monetary sovereignty, legislative, judicial and national. Solo with exit from the euro and and from this Europe of bureaucrats the bankers we redeem our inalienable rights to life, dignity and freedom for to be fully ourselves in our beloved Italy, our common home.

["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] Lo scandal of the hostages in Syria Italy so legitimate terrorists. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 15/04/2013 081752 (from the newspaper) - we are all of the satisfied release the four Italian journalists Amedeo Ricucci, Susan Dabbous, Elio Colavolpe and Andrea Vignali ten days later their  Seizure April 4 in Syria by Islamic terrorists of the Jabhat Al Nusra Front (Front for Victory). and to this point, becomes secondary if Italy has or less Given a counterpart doubt more that legitimate given our established reputation of paying of the fine Terrorism Islamic in  change of the release of our countrymen. But what on which not we can either settle, otherwise the loss our credibility and dignity as Status height of to protect her freedom and sovereignty, is the immediate decision of outlaw Al Nusra Front , such as is the case of Al Qaeda to which is officially affiliated.

We know all that in the time Italy is straight from an government resigned. We know even that the sixties our Country has chosen for the backroom deals with Middle Eastern terrorists, closing an eye on them in the logistics business our territory in Rate insurance that not we would hit. Agreements that not are were, however, observed from the fringes dissidents. But at least Monti to take the lead, right on the basis of the seizure of our countrymen, of to promote a resolution of the European Union ban of the Nusra Front, as well as have already done since the United States by last December. Above own while held our four journalists, the chief of the Nusra Front, Abu Mohammad al-Golani (or Julani), has confirmed April 10 his loyalty to the leader of Al Qaeda Ayman al -Zawahiri. Well since that, on the basis of international resolutions, the United Nations, and the United States the European Union have put to notice either Al Qaeda or any group connected to it, we must just ask for respect  international law.

And if look closely the atrocities committed by Al Nusra Front, we should horrified of the idea consider them as interlocutors with they treat behind the scenes maybe for safeguard our future economic interests in the area change  of money or weapons. The last february At Nusra Front has claimed 49 of the 60 suicide terrorist attacks perpetrated in Syria from the beginning of the conflict internal which, remember, is held in the frame of the media lie of the "Arab Spring." These attacks have provoked of thousands and the dead of injured. At Nusra Front has widespread in network video that show running in direct of Military and Civilians with an blow the neck, the burning of people still alive, decapitation of abandoned corpses outdoors. The victims of Al Nusra Front are mainly Christians and Muslims not Sunnis, to since the Alawites to it belongs to President Assad, Druze and more in General Shiites, all considered as infidels. On April 4, the Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni has issued a fatwa, verdict legal Islamic, that the legitimate rape perpetrated the damage of "any Syrian woman not Sunni." to his Warning capture and rape Christian women or Shia not is contrary to the precepts of Islam.

On April 5, the bishop Syrian Issam John Darwish, in an meeting to Milan, there has warned "Syria is become the haunt Islamic terrorists from all over the world. if not stop them in Middle East not there will be more Christians such as is already happened the Jews. But know that after will this turn Europe. " in Syria about an opera thousand of Islamic terrorists in Europe, of Nationality British, French, and Spanish Belgian, that fight in size to Al Nusra Front, among which there are of Christians converted to ' Islam. The our enemy is already inside our house!

We in Syria support directly and Islamic terrorists in here we allow Europe that I become and go for there carry out the "holy war." Is a suicidal madness! Alarm Italy, European Union, Catholic Church, Christians of all the churches, the United States, the United Nations put outlaw Islamic terrorists of Al Nusra Front! twitter @ magdicristiano
["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] Entrepreneurs and suicide genocide of Christians where is the Church?. of Magdi Cristiano Allam.
08/04/2013 075835 (from the newspaper) - The funeral of the three suicides for the economic crisis, spouses Romeo Dionisi, Anna Maria and Sopranzi his brother, Joseph, held Saturday last in Church of St. Peter and Paul of Civitanova Marche, have demonstrated that Italians are aware that it is of an "assassination of the state," merciless imposing the highest  Level of taxation in the world, a fugitive in the back their debts to companies that are a total of 130 billion (estimated Cgia), tormentor in the expect even more of the Due executioner in assisting impassive the death of its citizens.

At the time the same has confirmed changed attitude the Church which, while considering suicide a manifest breach of the value not Negotiable of the sacredness of life from conception natural death, grants to religious funerals for suicide economic reasons because of victims an injustice unsustainable. to the point that Archbishop of Subject Luigi Conti, President of the Bishops 'Conference of the Marches, during the homily has he himself implicitly married the thesis of' "murder of the State" turning an appeal to "those that govern us why do early and you make account that not we can make more (...) not you can imagine how many people ask me for help, but lately are scared. not are only the workers to apply to me but also entrepreneurs. "
The archbishop's words are difficult to reconcile with the official position of the Secretariat Status and the Vatican the Italian Episcopal Conference that have publicly and directly supported Government Monti year of the its  sent and in the election campaign in which resolved an failure. why is just Mount official representative of the global speculative finance (Goldman Sachs, Moody's Group Bilderberg) that killing the real economy, condemning to death enterprises (about a thousand a day), reducing in poverty Italians (over 1 million of laid off in the 2012).
Just This context means that the praise poverty with where Papa Francesco has opened his pontificate of risk being misunderstood as an invitation to resignation. Contrariwise Italians would expect the strong denunciation of the Church the overwhelming power of the banks speculative, of the Fund Monetary International, European Central Bank and of this European Union subject to the god € and to of the dictatorship relativism.
There is a second emergency to the Church should give a clear answer and strong the genocide of Christians in Islamic countries. The set of the Mediterranean is Been Christian up the Seventh century. with the wars and forced conversion, and the eastern shore Southern are be submissive to Islam. After forcing to flee Jews, Muslims today are pursuing a clear strategy of expulsion of the Christians. The bishop Catholic Syrian Issam John Darwish, speaking to Milan last Friday, is Been categorical "We are victims of an plot international. Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed into the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. if Europe is not help Christians in East will also his turn. Extremism Muslim on the southern shore of the Mediterranean inevitably hit the north shore. " in the weekend Egypt Islamic extremists have killed at least 7 and Christians attacked the main Coptic cathedral in Cairo. Well also in this case the Church should immerse themselves in the reality of Eastern Christians that are suffering an true and own genocide, instead of insisting on the suicidal madness of the legitimacy of Islam.
Entrepreneurs and suicide the genocide of the Christians of the East are Two emergencies that challenge the Church and that put to naked the imperative of combine what that it says, in what where and you believe that that it actually does.
twitter @ magdicristiano
["We are victims of an plot international. (Caliphate of the world IMF, Bildenberg agenda NWO World War) Today after the one that you are in West called Arab Spring, Syria is transformed in the headquarters of Islamic terrorists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Chechnya united by the will of killing Christians. ] For save our businesses it Status to issue currency to credit and free ourselves from the constraints of the Draw of the financial statements, of the Fiscal Compact and of the Covenant of stability. of Magdi Cristiano Allam. 04/04/2013 184753 in Italy died about 1000 companies per day. Most companies die why creditor since that the debtors not pay and the principal debtor is insolvent lo State that companies must not less of of 100 billion €. The truth is that I Status this money is not he has and not you can get them.

Not them has in absolute having the our debt public now breached the $ 2 trillion of Euros reaching the level of the 127% respect GDP (Product Interior Gross). Neither can have them having Signature Both Draw of the budget, even entered in the Constitution, is the so-called Fiscal Compact, an the Treaty European with where we are self-imposed of reducing public expenditure of about 45 billion of euro a year for the next 20 years, up to to to achieve a ratio of the 60% of debt public and GDP.

That is why of the face of the promise return 20 billion of euro in the 2013 or more an fifth of the Due after that the president of Confindustria Squinzi has repeated for  the umpteenth time that companies are to extreme, the government Mountains arrabatta doing false papers, or looking of remove the public money under form of increased the fees for give it to companies . But we are own sure that our money, the money of the Italians that are reduced more and more poverty, will be for businesses? No! They will go to the banks! Do you know why? why companies that are you survived are debt with banks for to continue to pay the contractors, salaries, taxes. So the money of the poor citizens will be to in the end the pockets of the rich banks!

I love Italy launches a national mobilization for save our companies from the financial dictatorship embodied by the government and Mounts from this Europe of bureaucrats and bankers. Mobilize for redeem our monetary sovereignty that concrete results in the output from the euro, why only realistically through the issuance of currency to credit by the Status allows you to return 100 billion of  € of debts to companies and more General, settle debts without being forced to issuing new debt the securities of Status to debt, which burdens the interests that now amount to  about 80 billion of EUR year and that to them turn translate in new taxes or in new public spending cuts.

The issue of 100 billion of EUR to cost zero is an act that this relates to our national sovereignty. This money, since that materialize in work, development, production of goods and services will be of the everything inverati and not generate inflation, ensuring the well-being of the community.

In order for the Ransom of our monetary sovereignty can take place, is should be out dall'Eurocrazia is free themselves from the shackles imposed on us by this Europe under form of the requirement of the Draw of the budget entered in the Constitution, of the Fiscal Compact and of the Covenant of internal stability. The latter, that the Covenant follows of stability and growth contemplated the Treaty of Maastricht (debt equity Public Administration - GDP less than 3% and ratio Debt public-GDP to 60% ), prevents even the virtuous community of being able to dispose of its resources for promote the development of the territory and to honor their debts to companies.

In parallel is certainly necessary ​​drastically reduce the cost of public administration. In this regard, I love Italy, in the protection of the right and duty to suitable employment, dignified and fruitful, promotes the elimination of unnecessary or entities useless as Regions, Provinces, Municipal Services, the approved, the Senate of the Republic. Only so we can drastically reduce both taxes and the cost of the work, for support the revitalization of the development entrusting entrepreneurs in the context of the rules defined and enforced by Status and public institutions.

We are aware that it is of an invasive, it is the only effective for revive the fortunes of an Italy and dying to liberate Europe and executioner a globalized financial speculation criminal.

Location in a situation of Upper alarm not there is more allowed beating around the bush of front companies that die, families that s'impoveriscono, the adult unemployed, young unemployed and that not  see never retirement. We Italians not we deserve This class policy that has devastated Italy. Rebel crime that being transformed Italy rich in Italian poor! Mobilize together to The Italians of goodwill for redeem our inalienable rights to life, dignity and freedom! Together we will succeed!

France is can we reconcile Islam with secularism? Interview to Abbruzzese.
Peter Vernizzi.
24/05/2013 141421 (Source

Status secular and radical Islam at clash muscle in France. From an side there is an model of the most secular societies in the world, with President Hollande that of recently has introduced the marriage and adoptions by same-sex couples. On the other hand there is a large Muslim community, politically influential, and that offers of substantial funding from of United as the United Arab Emirates. for curbing the spread of extremism Muslim in the French prisons, Paris is come to employ 60 imams for preach tolerant interpretation of the Qur'an inside the country's prisons. has interview Salvatore Abbruzzese.

Believes that the operation of Hollande in the French prisons can succeed?

The fundamental problem of this initiative is that any employee public French is held the oath of and allegiance to the Republic the laws of State. is pretty obvious that this raises in be an conflict with obvious radical Islam. There is a difficulty in objectively line of right, and I wonder as This can not be seen on the part of Islam as an effort of insert a potential spin-off to her inside.

Explain professor.

The statements of loyalty to the secular French Republic can be interpreted from the wing radical as a statement incompatible with loyalty to the Quran, setting everything required for an conflict inner the Islamic community, in what this. This may also not future, but not I would be surprised, if inside some members of radical Islam took, the distances to these imams / paid by the officials State, which not may be such, without recognizing and in the values legal principles and moral of the French Republic. if for this an Catholic not creates particular problems within of a particular interpretation of the universe Islamic may submit several.

Up to that point, Islam in France is likely, of to become a force egemonizzante?

Do not call it a force egemonizzante. Surely there is a striking presence, and society the French institutions remain but potentially secular. It is an example emblematic passage of the law on the wedding, and above all the adoption of the part of children gay couples. We have saw to an true and own clash muscle determined as an sure so of the secular understanding, too, against the same French company. is to this level that I see in act very hegemony strong. However, the fact that the United Arab Emirates is when you get to fund the reconstruction of the Parisian banlieues (suburbs) is definitely an element of important be aware of.

What do you think instead of the choice of Two French Ministers of boycott a conference of the Islamic intellectual participated Triq Ramadan?

Tariq Ramadan is Been accused of to have contact with the universe terrorist, to the point that if the University of Aosta him has invited, the Autonomous Province has withdrawn its presence and her contribution the conference, blocking of the fact the initiative. On Tariq Ramadan is an open discussion, it is accused of having had an attitude, condescending towards the more radical of the world Islamic environment, including terrorists. From 2004 to 2010, the U.S. authorities have even prohibited of to go on the ground american, and, only, three years ago, Hillary Clinton has decided of withdraw the ban.

Believes that the of Ramadan is an case isolated, or the symptom of an more widespread problem?

The true origin of the problem is that Islam is a religious reality extremely particular in that is even immediately a political reality. is a radical differences, not we have never forget that Islam not is Christianity. The latter has permissions lo State secular, ponendone the ontological premises, while in the world Islamic secularism is an aberration for and some a curse for Other.

Europe that madness satire equate Islam with terrorism.
Magdi Cristiano Allam.
22/09/2012 by 'the newspaper (24/09/2012). The European Union wants to ban the vilification the religions with binding legislation on the floor of the law international and the does submitting to terrorism Islamic unleashed in the aftermath of the spread of an film and  the publication of Muhammad cartoons judged blasphemous. not it was never happened that under blackmail of the Terrorism Muslim that has shot dead dozens of people and destroyed embassies, churches, shops and homes, the European Union underwrite a joint statement with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League and the African Union, in which puts on the same floor an film and with the cartoons Terrorism Islamic as "acts of  extremists on both sides. " In the statement, signed September 20 from Above Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Catherine Ashton, it supports the argument of the reactive Terrorism Islamic, according to the film and the vignettes correspond "all ' hate religion "that has made" incitement hostility and violence "as well it is stated that terrorism Islamic would be a form of deviance" of small groups of people "that not represent Islam inherently moderate espresso the "larger communities from which they come."

The idea of suppress for legal criticism and Islam to Muhammad was aired on September 19 by the Minister Foreign Terzi that he had felt duty warn that in Italy defamation of religions is  offense. Always Thirds September 20 has he also put it on the same floor criticism of Islam with terrorism Islamic claiming that "it is absolutely legitimate by governments blocking of That sites  are subject of not behaviors positive, of incitement to hatred, of refusal of understand the other, as well as of sites that have a them criminal power. "

I wonder why global institutions would punish criticism of Islam and the Koran with the laws binding to level international, while anyone think of ban means the complete chain that, to  since the preaching of hatred in the mosques, culminating in the Islamic terror attacks? why the European Union and no government European is addressed for strongly condemn the ad of the Minister Pakistan Railways, Gulam Ahmad Bilor, that has offered a size of $ 100,000 for the killing of the producer film "The innocence of Muslims"? and not it seems to me that is the proper response of the government Pakistan that it is limited to declare that it is treated of "an independent initiative of the minister." But as an Minister the State incitement to murder offering money to those anywhere in the world kill an man guilty of having expressed their opinion about Muhammad and its  Government it is limited to opt out? And it is the same the government that 21 September had incited the people to revolt and proclaimed an "Day Love for the Prophet", which culminated with 23 dead and 200 wounded, the of destruction an evangelical church with adjoining school where they studied 500 students.

Well I consider absolutely legitimate and the affirmation of the truth the critical representation, also in artistic key or satirical, and Islam Muhammad. So very well that terrorism Islamic is always of aggressive nature, not reactive, being an integral part of a strategy that is based on the obligation Koran of imposing even with violence everywhere in the world Islam considered as the only true religion. are aware that terrorism the size-language that brings us to not and say to not do anything about that can hurt the susceptibilities of the Muslims is even more harmful for the fate of our civilization of the terrorism the throat-cutting that physically annihilate us.

I ask to this Union European relativistic, materialistic and Islamically correct of recover the use of reason and rediscover the healthy self-love safeguarding the our legitimate rights freedom of expression, by promoting on the floor of the law international crime of incitement to criminal for religious purposes, stating as "a crime against humanity" Terrorism Islamic species in its suicidal. not is all true that all religions are equal, that Jesus and Muhammad are the same thing, that Islam, like Judaism and of the Christianity believe in  same God and would love to the same way the next. not give up the right and duty of safeguarding recognize the truth and ever freedom nonetheless. Wake up! twitter @ magdicristiano

Cons the myth of the "Arab Spring."
Thomas Monfeli.
25/09/2012 154512.

REPORT presented at the conference ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM OF CHRISTIANS (MEMORIAL Oriana Fallaci - FLORENCE, September 16, 2012).

Lord and gentlemen, good morning. I divide my action in two parts. In the first, I mean briefly present the association "Fight or Flight" ("Overcoming Fear") is incorporated in the last month of June for the initiative of Dr. Valentina Colombo, an expert of geopolitics of the world  Islamic, and linked to the movement political "Me I love Italy" founded MEP and former Deputy Director of the Corriere della Sera Magdi Cristiano Allam, who converted to Christianity and baptized by the Supreme  Pope Benedict XVI in the mists of Easter of the 2008, of which I am part together with other lawyers.

The association stems from the awareness that the jihadist threat, has now exceeded the limitation of the world Islamic (that Islam, however, not recognize, considering them an legacy of the Western colonial impositions) and  it is established in Europe, thanks to the connivance of the Western countries with exporting nations of oil and of the ideology relativism, of the Multiculturalism and of the third world, that result  in law and particularly tolerant favorable towards immigration and Islam the uses and costumes of the same sharia.

One of the techniques of the jihad is the constant intimidation of the opponent and its demonization, that someone has defined as "reductio to Hitlerum." Anyone, in the name of freedom of an expression, it allows of to criticize the conduct displayed in Muhammad's life, that for the Muslims take normative value, or of highlight aspects of Islamic civilization that appear more problematic in the light of Western culture (both in terms of the view of Christianity, and from the more strictly secular, that finds expression in the catalogs of "human rights") is immediately accused of to be an enemy of Islam, reactionary, pointing to him to danger the public from gag and often, when becomes the object of "fatwa", must fear for his own personal safety, to the point by having to emigrate, or to live under protection even inside at home. Famous are the cases, for to be the most famous, of Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the same Magdi Cristiano Allam, personality between them as very different to reference values ​​and cultural, That  you are threat of being found in common death by Islamic fundamentalists for as content in them written. In addition, in the our western cities there is everything an undergrowth of situations where people of Christian religion (sometimes immigrants from Muslim countries own for escape persecution) can be found threatened by Muslim fanatics and see compromised their personal freedom, but that not jump why the headlines not involve of characters first, floor. Recently, the quote only to title of example, I are busy professionally defense of a mother of Egyptian family of Coptic religion which, fled in Italy Egypt, for escape to atrocious harassment (still on the door face the signs of a sfregiatura, with acid suffered as a young man) it is found persecuted, insulted and threatened by an Islamic extremist, for the streets of Milan! It is of unfortunately phenomena in growth, although, again, if the media care for them only when we beat the dead or When to be the victim of such threats or violence are characters of  prominent of the world political, cultural or intellectual. Other phenomenon on not is underestimated the tendency on the part of Muslim immigrants that are to contact with a civilization that to them is unacceptable, morally corrupt and decadent (and below this aspect we must recognize that may have them reasons), to decline of morals Western life and to seek refuge in sharia, because less for to identify the conduct to be within their families. So we have had in Italian cases of teenage girls killed in way by their ritual same joint of sex male because, for example, had started relationship with an boy Italian not Muslim or why refused the veil and dressed with an clothing equal to one of them Italian peers, judged too Western and therefore improper. Even here, I can to limit myself remember the two most tragic cases and famous, those of Hina and Sanaa, killing at Italy - an country that describes itself as secular - from them in the same family because claimed in them everyday behavior incompatible with independence the dictates of sharia.

Opposite to threats of this type, of which too a few are aware, you need to react. for this why, as I mentioned, is was founded the association "Fight or Flight", that has the purpose of to preserve, in sense first, the freedom of speech, of an expression and of religion Italy, in Europe and in the world the Arab-Islamic world. in so specifically, that association will take care of providing support legal and, if possible, financial to anyone who is the target of the so-called "legal jihad", to anyone, is imposed for the conversion able to celebrate their own marriage civil, with a Muslim woman, to any person who, being threatened, or suffer violence, in name of a tradition or of a religion, to any person who, being a victim of segregation , and ill-treatment discrimination, in name of a religion, to any person who, being more in General threatened and therefore limited in their freedom of religion and expression. Likewise provide correct information on the above issues. The Association also aims of curb the actions of all those individuals and associations, which seek of limit and suppress freedom of expression and of religion on topics such as Islam, the 'radical Islam, terrorism and financing of the terrorism, religious freedom, using the instrument Legal or doing make laws, instigation to hatred and anti-defamation laws against Islamophobia. Victims of such legal procedures are analysts, politicians, journalists, and famous not, and ordinary citizens. On the other hand victims of discrimination for religious and tradition-bound are often women. The Association will also be responsible of all those Muslims / and that are accused, directly or indirectly, of apostasy in order of protect / and and guarantee them total freedom in the live and practice their faith.

I hope that the association "Fight or Flight" to find support to level international and penetrate an network that the enabling of operate at its best for the acquisition of its purpose.

This for the On the first part of the mine action.

In the second, shorter, I would like to mention an phenomenon, to my Warning disturbing, that involves the means of the Western. I take cue as I heard an pair of nights ago while I was tuned on an famous Italian satellite channel, where in the course of a transmission of deepening the riots exploded in the world Islam, to result of the controversial American film Muhammad, you are alternating to talk about two of the commentators in vogue in television lounges, both of experts geopolitics, Lucio Caracciolo, director of the magazine Limes, and Stefano Silvestri, president of the Institute International Affairs. Both of these commentators, albeit with different shades, are accredited the thesis that the Muslim Brotherhood, that is come to power through formally democratic elections after the reversal the existing dictatorial regimes of Ben Ali , and Mubarak Gaddafi, it would be an movement everything added peaceful, democratic and moderate with the West, like it or not, and can must resign to live, because less for avoid fundamentalist tendencies even worse, while the upheavals resulting from the spread of the films about Muhammad (but actually know that, at least in the case the assault the American embassy in Libya, it is was of actions planned for some time, that expected only the pretext for to be put in practice) would be the work of the Salafist movement linked to al-Qaida, whose objective would be of to derail the revolution  that in the Western media are under the name of "Arab Spring" (Spring, because after the winter of dictators supported by the West, would finally opened up the doors of democracy and of the welfare to of populations those lands).

Allow me dissent from of so authoritative scholars. The revolutions that have concerned, and that continued still to affect (see Syria), the Arab countries to Muslim majority, not are an the taking of the bank power by the radical organizations of  mold Salafi, but rather, they are the prelude. In fact, to Aside from the fact that there are obvious areas of contiguity between these movements, apparently in competition with each other, the fact remains undeniable that Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist terrorists, if rates differ because to strategy, they have in actually an unique common goal, consisting in the total Islamization of society, with the reduction of minorities not Muslim (Christians first and foremost for historical reasons) the role of "dhimmi" deprived of their most basic rights, including the right to life, integrity and personal safety, and of its assets and of freedom to practice the Christian religion. We have had a demonstration as never clear are these days. And violence and so widespread protests prolonged in all the world Islam, would be were unimaginable to a little more of an year ago, when they were to power much despised dictatorial regimes . We must therefore out of our heads that and the revolutions democracy are for force a good thing, as in in reality certain contexts, which in fact that Islamic, are the prelude of a terrible persecution for  the inhabitants of Christians those lands, that if not act (and if not intervene we will be morally complicit) may take on apocalyptic dimensions. Thank you.

The massacres in Syria if Christianity not he says, that Islam is an enemy death, will be swept away.
by Silvana De Mari.
10/10/2012 220059 News atrocious arrive from Syria. Photo of churches and plundered bombed, Islamic Jihad militants that show in carousels made with cars the crosses torn as booty of the war. The photo of an child slain. The photo of an man with the face swollen for that laugh Been is ripped an eye. The photo of an corpse which is was cut away the face alive.

A group of children is squatting the aftermath of the convent that served as an orphanage.

A dozen of sleeping for children on the ground Floor of a classroom are refugees in Lebanon, welcomed in the why schools not there is other.

Muslims also suffer in this terrible war three hundred thousand are in Jordan, stories in refugee camps, but for them at least there is some help for them rise refugee camps tents, cooking , latrines playgrounds. for Christians not there are aid. International aid are distributed by Islamic organizations that not succor Christians. why they should? One the aims of the civil war in Syria is "purify Christianity from Syria." Syria is the second cradle of Christianity. The three hundred the oldest churches are in Syria, or perhaps it would be more correct, to say that were in Syria, up to year last year. Now not know what remains. The third is the cradle of Christianity the place that now it is called Turkey, why it takes its name from the Turkish population arrived from Central Asia. The city that now called Istanbul was called Constantinople and is the city where Christianity is out of the persecution, so it should be a holy city of the Christianity. Constantinople is fall May 29 of the and in 1453 was Tuesday. The event Been is such a tragedy that it has been placed by the populace, on the same floor the crucifixion of Christ of which took place on Friday, and recalled, in a sort of proverb. of Venus and of Mars, not we get married and not it starts, and not you start an art. The superstition is an effort of to make the story predictable removing it from the madness, and contains, as every myth, the reality of the events. He began with the massacre of the socket Constantinople eradication of Christianity from the Mediterranean. The Christians were 100%. of the population of "Turkey" at the beginning of the century last they were 30%, then the genocide of the Armenians, and the forced conversions the flight have reduced the number to 0, 6%. In the city where is the Book of Revelation was written of San Giovanni Christianity not longer exists. The Book of Revelation is addressed to the Churches of Asia, why Christianity it was an Asian Religion Asia is almost completely eradicated. Tourists in Turkey are accompanied by guides that show ruins with written and Greek Latin that them not know decipher why should they? The language of the defeated, as their culture is garbage. Christianity between not a lot not exist in Syria, for delete we must destroy the bodies of Christians, kill them, torture them, push them to flee. Their pain is unheard. Listening to him is politically incorrect, it means blowing up the big lie of the Dialogue Interreligious go to communicate with the militia that cry happy after having destroyed and a church on them jeeps are to hunting of Christians. It means to blow up the lie that not is in act one clash of civilization. It means to blow up the lie that the problem is Israel. Many religious hierarchies like Islam, let's face this truth, why is damn true. Violation the Gospel that order, an strict orders, absolute, the obligation principal of each Christian, of to evangelize, to bring the Good News, that is a and a single, state that all religions lead to God and reject of "proselytizing", ie convert. The Cardinal of Milan has completed the chilling gesture of bow before Ramadan his task it was stated that Ramadan is a cruel practice that forces to Starvation and thirst and destroys the ability of work, destroys the same neurons, and say this up martyrdom.

Christianity not exist shortly in North Africa, that when he was a Christian he was rich, green, Libya was the granary empire, was caught the library of Alexandria, philosophical arguments, the beautiful paintings as those of Fayum everything deleted, everything lost. Agriculture entrusted to slave has destroyed irrigation, that requires work smart, not forced, of People that works for self and for their children. The cutting of trees for manufacture the ships that for centuries supplied slaves, it was my people, has desertified North Africa. Been Sudan is an place rich and read, Coptic cradle of civilization, that Egypt has reached Ethiopia. The kingdoms of Copts Dongola and Axum have participated the First Crusade. Lo have made for to free the Holy Sepulchre was destroyed by Muslims, that crucified the pilgrims the idiocy of religion of Islam peace and tolerance let's leave it to the ravings of the Director Ridley Scott, the 'idiocy of the Crusades made for economic reasons in an era that the economy not you had no idea, let's leave it to the criticism of the Marxist historians, who, poor things, start the assumption that Lenin was smart and Marx good, that not are even able to understand that Marxism other not is that the theory of the return to state feudal and then are trained to historiography fantastic . But not Been is the only one reason there was also the need of save the head of them, and children the belly of them women, once you become the Mediterranean an Islamic sea, Christendom would been destroyed, as Judaism. Islamic Sudan is an location of pain, misery, murder.

Christianity prefers to attack Israel, invent that the people, Palestinian, so you call it now the occupants of Islamic Samaria and Galilee, that the Egyptians moved into the strip of Nasser Gaza are an people, that is undergoing military occupation, an people that has the "right" of to destroy him state of Israel, or at least of to continue trying, without that the Israelis have the right of defend themselves.

What has to do with Israel Christians massacred in Syria? and with the Copts massacred in Egypt? and with Christians burned alive in Nigeria there is an chilling movie that it shows bodies flames that try of shirk.

It has to do, in fact is everything there. The most ignoble and crowds of Christianity, or the people that they believe Christian, it is aligned against Israel. In the minds of many, of too much, is remained the crazy idea that an people, has the responsibility of the killing of God. The responsibility of the killing of God God's got Jesus Christ must go to death, is necessary, not and to avoid the look. He is the unique responsibility of a death that is the Gift to all of us, the certainty that in the pain there is God, not a punishment. From the point of historical perspective the crucifixion, torture Roman is was performed by Roman soldiers, under the Empire Roman for order of an prefect of Rome. Been Jesus is killed by the Romans, not Romans, all but a few Romans, those guys, the ones provided, in that time. Been was Sentenced to death by Jews, not by the Jews, some Jews, others were his followers, the majority not even knew, what was going on and not who Jesus was why not they lived to Jerusalem and not had never met. Those that it they had Sentenced to death had asked her death, not that was killed in such an atrocious manner. in actually remember that Christ was jew, one of them, and that the Romans were the other, the enemies, the occupants. There is a theory, and not is of the all sock, that the Sanhedrin had condemned to Jesus giving death for obvious that with in front of his dialectic to Pilate if the would manage to avoid a penalty of death. It was a way for call into line an heretic. But Jesus before to Pilate is silent, why it must meet his destiny, that is our salvation.

Many Christians conserve hatred for the Jews, the hatred for Israel, they are allies or spiritually physically with why Islam Israel and destroy realize that the anti-Semitism that store in the them and tiny minds in their hearts and dry dry as the desert that has enclosed the greatness of Christ for 40 days without being touched and not sprout. Enclose The certainty that the people of Israel to be "punished" with the diaspora, and that the diaspora not it should end.

This theory is contained in the Words of many Fathers of the Church, that were Men, and as these fallacious. Very large as an hand of sinners hatred and pride on the other. as wrong Abraham for some great verses and for other ignoble When impersonating a beautiful bride for his sister, when joins the slave. as wrong David, great king that makes the action of ignoble send to death of the soldier faithful for steal the bride. We are men. and we can either be very large and ignoble and no is protected from this. Only Christ not make mistakes, only that Mary not commits sins. The others, yes, even the great, even the patriarchs, even the fathers of the Church. Christ not is Died in cross why a dogmatic religion was based where the word of other is worth more than his.

"Forgive them that not know that that they" is Been pronounced from that moment all the true perpetrators of the crucifixion, an fist of Jews and intolerant an fist of many Roman cruel, are been forgiven and anyone who violates that forgiveness is violating the will of God in what point of the Gospel Christ, there has charge of revenge?

Christianity in front of Nazism that it was an danger deadly, that Christ declared and and Mary Peter, belonging to an inferior race, has favorite not recognize him clash of civilization. Use wisdom, that is cowardice. The Jews would be were massacred, except someone saved in some convent, but not enough, and Christianity not it would be touched. The result is Been Auschwitz.

Now of new part of the Christianity, or of professed Christians, commits the same crime they line up against Israel, is sold to the cause of the Terrorism Muslim softens his voice in front of the monster .

Is not for to have the physical safety of their children. The children of the Christianity were safe in the 60s. E 'was the approval and west of a monstrous part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy terrorism Palestinian that has unleashed the beast. The Synod of Bishops of the medium East has acquitted terrorism Islamic stating that every gesture is due to the exasperation of the existence of Israel, "a body stranger that  rode "Been is Undetermined. of every gesture against Christians will be considered Israel responsible the beast is was triggered. Of course that Israel is an Body alien an location of democracy, of of civilization peace where Christians increased and not are persecuted. Of course that "eats" that in country, when Islamic it was a land of rocks, swamps and scorpions, is now an location of progress and well-being. for the same reasons, are oasis of work, of well-being, of peace, are foreign bodies considered that gnaw Christian communities.

The results we have bottom the eyes.

Providence not it allows that the same error, same crime is committed and twice the story either. or Christianity lines up with Israel, or stated that Islam is an enemy deadly for both, or recognizes that no dialogue is can with who has condemned the adulteress after that was pardoned, or will be wiped out.

And this not it can happen.

It will not happen. if happen it means that that that is success on the Carmelo not has been sense.

So not happen. not it can happen.

Let's start us. Just a single torch why the darkness not is absolute. and from candle to candle, a torch to light another reconquest of the world and the darkness is won.

A very good news the prize Nobel for peace the European Union (committed nell'islamizzazione Europe!)
by Silvana De Mari
16/10/2012 114245 The European Union is the institution that most of every other one is worked and is working the Islamization of Europe. Two small examples, two tiny details that carry in because, being small things, will escaped to most. with money of our contributions, in in Europe economic crisis, the EU year last year part of cultural activities has organized an prize in money (a lot money ) to the best photo of the minaret or mosque on ground European, (http// Five million of Euros are been squandered by the EU for school agendas. The agenda of each student if the purchase by choosing one with the graphics and or images comics that prefer. The state school agenda is thrown. But the serious thing is that the diaries reported the religious festivals of not all religions Christianity, were missing and Easter Christmas.

Eurabia. as Europe is become anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Semitic is the title dell'imperdibile essay, the writer Bat Ye'or, born in Egypt, in which he explains as the European Community, together with the world  European cultural, including academics that award the Nobel laureates, have destroyed and the soul of Europe the are delivering Islam. Bat Yeor, as Magdi Cristiano is forced to move with stocks when someone faces threats of death, we can either assume that worth of to know his words.

 At the beginning of my research, anti-Zionism the European Union seemed to me an item accessory the genesis and creation of Eurabia, and I was going to resize to the maximum the importance, but soon I including the futility of this effort, because it constituted in actually the core essential, and the backbone the mind of Eurabia. This situation is explicitly stated in recommendation 11 of the Project Muslim Brotherhood "To adopt the Palestinian cause in the project Islamic world, on an floor political and through the perspective of the jihad, since this is the key of time of the rebirth of the world Arabic today. "

You might think that this jihad not only aim the destruction of Israel. and instead is was precisely the Palestinian issue the instrument used the jihad for break up Europe, since it has established in fact the foundation and the plant organic of which is sort Eurabia, and the core of the alliance the Euro-Arab fusion, sprouted on the ground of anti. Now, the relations between Europe and Israel, Christianity and Judaism, not investing only the scope geostrategic, but they represent the constraint ontological and the lifeblood of all the spirituality of Christian Europe. are this glue, this spirituality that today come apart and disintegrate in Eurabia, where the worship of the end of Israel, fed, from 'palestinità, "assures the triumph of the ideology of hatred  of the own jihad. The palestinismo, again worship European that has taken the place the Bible, is giving shape, inside of Eurabia, the founding myths of the jihad the moral supremacy and policy of ' Islam.

Contrary to everybody else, assigned in Sweden, the Prize Nobel for Peace is granted by Norwegian academic it is of Five individuals without any dowry, highly politicized, that use the "prestige" and  above all money Nobel related to anyone who claims their Ideas and given that is the government Norwegian to appoint academics the Nobel (lowercase) for peace (lowercase) is just an  means why the government of Norway extends to the world its influence. The Prize Nobel for Peace Prize is awarded by a commission of five persons selected from Storting, the parliament of Norway. Second, the definition that the European Union itself gives of anti-Semitism, many of the members of the Parliament Norwegian are anti-Semites. (Dr.Manfred Gesternfeld, Behind the Humanitarian Mask). for clarity, just remember the reaction of former Prime Minister Norwegian Kare Willock to the choice of Rahm Emanuel to Head of the presidential staff as part of Obama "It is very promising (as President, nda ) if choose an head of staff jew "(March 29 2011" to Norway Jews You're Not Welcome Here "of Alan Dershovitz, professor of right to Harvard).

The Swedish situation not is a lot better, however, and we can either evaluate the allocation of the Nobel Prizes for literature data to characters less and less, if possible anti-Christian, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic words, full of contempt  for Western civilization.

The European Union has since 1973 as purpose the disintegration of the Jewish-Christian spirituality, spiritual and economic disintegration and Europe its Islamization.

The Islamization is done through three steps

1) Lebanonisation. Massive immigration, which is recognized the right of vote and citizenship so as to change the fabric European and the greater Islamic demographics are yes that Islam is past small minority to minority of huge weight in the ride of 40 Years and risks of to become the majority.

2) Coaching Sharia in the body of law. an Muslim not can not live where the laws of Islam reign, why not could follow them. The division between religion and Islam State not can exist. The claim of immigrants, or more often of Islamic citizens of before and second generation, is that are to them recognized the right to opposing laws to right European, collected in sharia.

3) Economic aid. The economic crisis, that will allow the entry of massive "aid" Arabs, with further taken of possession. The sheikhs of the Qatar you are offered after having purchased the Olympics, of to provide the necessary assistance for the dilapidated Islamic suburbs in Germany and France (suburbs that are degraded only where are occupied by Muslims). on the Corriere della Sera of two days ago an entire page to the Saudi prince that offers aid to Italy.

I am a was puzzled for the Nobel Prize to Arafat, Rabin and Peres but there was hope that a real peace could be born, are remained sick in front of outrageous awards to Carter, the UN that has a 'Assembly that allows you to an one State of publicly state of wanting to destroy an other, Al Gore, ElBaradei, Ahtisaari and Barack Obama. This Last Prize awarded the jewel of the disaster economic and political, the most grandiose representation, second only the defunct USSR, of an all-powerful bureaucracy, monstrous, destructive of wealth, corrupt and foolish instead makes me happy. Individuals as Barroso, Ashton, Olli Rehn, and also Juncker, and Dragons so many others, thanks to which countries as Greece, Spain and for some ways even Italy and Portugal are to put  iron and fire and on the brink the civil war, a war between the poor who, full of Privileges and annuities, are allowing to banks and high finance for mirror of the savings dozens of  United.

Thanks to these individuals now Europe is an place where anti-Semitism is to higher levels that in the '34.

The Nobel for Peace 2012 is awarded European Union for "the more than six decades of contribution advancing and peace reconciliation, and democracy human rights", right in the Currently in which anti-Semitism is rampant in overwhelming way through states and beyond borders, and entire states are on the brink the bankruptcy and civil war.

Why are happy? why this award's irritating. The unemployed and Greeks even the Spanish ones have enough of this nonsense. The prize get for search of to strengthen the prestige of a European Union and means that his prestige has need of to be strengthened why is to disarray. They are supporting one with other, world culture, world economic and world politics, why they are sinking. and the know.

This soulless and Europe without attributes is dying.

Now the need is create home spaces and that inside of these spaces the world cultural fills of new of for love Christianity and Judaism. is the our turn.

The truth not longer exists, triumph the financial and Islamic dictatorship.
Magdi Cristiano Allam
22/10/2012 075622 (Il Giornale) - The truth not there is more! The biggest loss of our secular civilization and liberal is the denial of the very notion of truth. The ideology of the relativism is first of all an offense to reason why prejudicially is imposed of to put on the same plan all religions, cultures, values ​​and even the facts to apart from them content. This translates into the argument that the truth must be combined in the plural. of therefore we have stopped of to know who we are, why even the A, B, C of our humanity, our being a person, and family life itself must be reformulated mode deviates from the our tradition, culture, and civilization even from science.

The truth is that in Syria is in act an true and own genocide of Christians. But not only no it he says, on the contrary our means of communication of mass falsify reality for justify that this the West is deployed the side of the persecutors of Christians. Yet it continues to want us to believe that we must support the so-called "Arab Spring", the most colossal lie in the recent history of the media Middle East, where Islamic terrorists are ennobled as "activists".

The truth is that Mario Monti is destroying the real economy with more than 224000 companies failed in the 2012, the unprecedented unemployment up to record an Millions of of places work in less  in a few years, the decline of the GDP and industrial production, the cost the life that rears between growth of taxes, IMU, fuel, bills of electricity, water, gas and garbage, food prices. Yet the major newspapers and national television, together with the three main parties in Parliament that I argue, there it they represent as the savior of his country and as of now we do to mean that verosilmente Mountains will be confirmed after even if the election he not it will appear, why in however whoever wins, as has clear the head the Status Napolitano, shall comply with the commitments made the Bank European Central. to that go therefore, serves to vote for? that the end is if the essence of democracy elections are reduced for an ritual Formal?

The truth is that are suffering the dictatorship of speculative finance that for recycle a mass of money virtual (derivative securities, equal to 787 thousand billion of dollars in the 2011), that is about 12 times the world GDP (Product Indoor profit, equal to 66 trillion of dollars in the 2011), and requires affects the political power anywhere in the world, as well as we are suffering the the slavery of seigniorage bank coin, that is a tax unfair that we must pay just why we have given the prerogative of issue the money to private bankers of the ECB. Yet among those who talk about it that govern us and the press that argue the strong financial powers? None!

The truth is that is this Union European Union an illegitimate institution, anti-democratic, warmongering, why to impose their own laws the sovereign states as if we did part of one State unitary, when  in the right International supranational institution not can issue binding regulations for its members; why the executive and Legislative are held by the same institution of the European Commission; why its members have participated to almost all the wars that there are state and since the war they have recently promoted the war in Libya. Yet is was awarded the Premio Nobel for Peace! is an outrage the truth!

The truth is dead and triumphs falsehood! We are irresponsibly subjecting the ideological dictatorship of Muslims claiming that and Islam Christianity are the same thing, that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Christian Democrats are the same thing, that terrorism Islamic and the resistance of the partisans are the same thing. We are submitting irresponsibly the financial dictatorship by convincing us that we have to do penance after having lived from spenders to the point to accept of sacrifice our lives for to save the euro. In doing so we are losing the life, dignity and freedom. Our salvation depends on our capacity of see reason and dig up the truth. Long live the truth! twitter @ magdicristiano

EU 800 EU citizens fighting to side the Syrian rebels.
of \
22/05/2013 142718 May 22 - About 800 Europeans fight currently in Syria to Side rebel against the regime of Bashar al Assad. Lo Le Figaro, citing estimates of an diplomat EU, confirmed by an leader of the Syrian opposition. Among the fighters of some people have achieved the ranks of the group Jihadist Jabhat to Nusra Front, would include an hundred of French, many British, 50-70 Belgians, many Germans for the more 'of Turkish origin, Irish, and Kosovo Danish.

Syria in the Islamic militias there are over 100 Europeans that have Answered to call to jihad.

Syria, bishop of Aleppo Use and prosecution complaint Islamists also from Belgium.

Threatened by the fighting, about forty of them has started to flee to Turkey. But them possible return in Europe, after an Training extremist, anti-terrorism services concerned. The latest estimate of European fighters in Syria, provided an month ago by the coordinator of counterterrorism EU, Gilles de Kerchove, spoke of 500 people. (ANSAmed).


Netherlands recognizes polygamy celebrated on the first legal union.
of VoxNews 22/05/2013 201451 And 'the result logical the approval of homosexual unions. Friday in Holland is was recognized the first official case of polygamy "legal" in Europe. Victor de Brujin (46 years old) has married either White (31 animals) that Mirjan (35 years) a ceremony in front to an Notary that has registered their civil union.

"I love Bianca is that Mirjam, so the husband and all, two." This has said Victor de Brujin of 46 years. and so the Netherlands is an other small step to the abyss. He "loves" and all, two.

Already conjugate with Bianca, two years ago has met Mirjam in a chat. She has left his her husband for marry an other already married.

"And Mirjam White are bisexual. with two heterosexual women would be more difficult. " In short, an "triello." and from now on then will be All combinations to pleasure, as an game - an sad game - interlocking.

"A marriage between three persons not is can in Holland, but a civil union, yes. Location gone to the notary, dressed as bride and groom, and we have confused the rings. We think that this to be alone an normal marriage. "

Netherlands and Belgium are were the first countries to give full rights of marriage to homosexuals, opening so the way to legal forms other than marriage between an man and a woman. That's when open the jar of Pandora, everything comes out. not it is limited to gay marriage, why, once wrote for the law that "marriage not is exclusively between an man and a woman," you open the hole that then it becomes a chasm, which handle anything. It becomes impossible to discriminate tastes and all other perversions not allow polygamy, pedophilia, incest and sex with animals.

Soldier shot dead with machete to London.
of Bend.
22/05/2013 203251 an soldier in service Been is killed by two armed men, that have shouted 'Allah Akbar'.

Horror and fear in the afternoon to Woolwich, in the south east of London. an soldier in service Been is beheaded by two armed men of machete, that may be Islamic fundamentalists. The victim is was first immobilized and then killed. During the attack are different weapons were used, including - thinking at the time - even a firearm. The two men are were wounded by the forces of police that are immediately attended.

The fact is what happened this afternoon to a few meters from the barracks of the Royal Artillery, department of artillery of His Majesty '. Second an witness, quoted by Sky News, the man killed, wearing a t-shirt of the association voluntary 'Help for Heroes', that helps soldiers wounded in battle.

The attack it would be of Islamic. The police of London has said that the two attackers would tried of the assassination film.

Second BBC that cites government sources, the authors were shouting 'Allah Akbar'.

The image of an Black with blood on their hands that holding a cleaver and an knife appears on the site the broadcaster British ITV, that states of be possession of an movie in that man, that suspected to be one the authors of the attack in the south of London in where an soldier Been is shot dead, speaks watching straight the camera saying phrases such as "In the name of the great Allah, not we stop of to fight you."

The authors of the attack today in the south of London in where an soldier Been is shot dead, "asked, passers of photograph them," according to a testimony reported by the BBC. Lauren Collins has told that it was just dropped from an bus when it is noticed that for the ground lay the body of an man. Those that with in all probability were the authors of the attack asked first to passers-by of photograph them.

Minister British the Theresa May has confirmed of being updated by the responsible services of security (MI5) speaking of an episode "barbarian and creepy." and the first Minister UK David Cameron will be of return to London from Brussels as early as this evening. Cameron is at the time in Travel to Paris from Brussels, where he has taken the Council European. is provided, however, a press conference of the first minister to short to Paris.

Media and terrorism Allah is great (and virtual)?
Dominic Nose
24/05/2013 094717 http// - there is something of chilling and disturbing, barbaric nellla beheading of an soldier English yesterday to Woolwich. not only the gesture in self, that of course is creepy, but it all the corollary of actions and behavior on the part of the command terrorist that the has accomplished.

To kill cool an man and then ask to loud voice of being filmed for go on television news or on the internet, is perhaps the sign the times and social media that we are experiencing. Right in England, some time ago had done a lot discuss the television series Black Mirror, an disturbing journey through the distortions of the image of the company and Information in Time real.

And also Episode Series (White Bear) tells its own of mad killers that love be filmed by dazed and insensitive citizens, that follow the "deeds" of the killers as automata guided only from the cameras of the them smartphone. an Short circuit social media what, to because it seems, has violated the mirror the stage fiction and has invaded the reality.

Video Exclusive of ITV, that shows the murderess with the machete and blood on their hands that explains why the attack and pretend television recording, is a symbol of a tragedy that goes beyond terrorism. The Islamic attack is clear, even if it remains to understand if it is treated of an gesture little organized or the realization of the floor of a larger organization but the jump of quality media is obvious. not enough anymore, not even the brutal Islamic terrorists, and sow death terror for the streets of our cities.

The murder and striking barbarian becomes almost a half, and not the end. The goal to end is media visibility. is the theory of Warhol's fifteen minutes of Celebrities that crosses and pop the company image and becomes macabre claim of or ideological motives political. is the other side the coin of the information society time real and the global network. Many merits, for many contributions to improve the quality of our lives, but also some crazy variable that it can become a threat for the stability of the Western system.
In England, for now reigns an justified terror. But before or then past him shock, it will reflect on the perverse effects of an a system of communication that maybe we're missing of hand.

'Islam and Mosque', Magdi Allam, "the mayor of Cream not know the meaning of Islam, of the Qur'an and the biography of Mohammed"
Emanuele Mandelli
25/05/2013 100844 by - ​​Cream - Reception Hall crowded for passage Crema dell'europarlamentare Magdi Cristiano Allam, hosted by the local branch of the Northern League in of an evening of discussion organized for speak of and Islam the perspective of construction of a mosque to Crema.

The Holliday not know of What's it about
Obviously Allam during the evening is repeatedly reported the local situation "The mayor is wrong to authorize the mosque and the why does only not know the meaning of Islam, of the Qur'an and of the biography Muhammad. if you take the trouble of an seriously study content understand that Islam more than that a religion is an ideology. "

Islam is not is moderate
"A thought all-encompassing that violence and imposes the abuse of power, the not respect of Christians and Jews, in addition to consider the woman as be lower. A not separating element religious and government that door as inevitable consequence of eliminating the appearance secular the company. not there is an moderate Islam, but only that single moderate Muslims. "

Mosque or musalla little change.
On the question of the actual name of the proposed structure to Cream, mosque or musalla, the former Deputy Director of the Been Corriere della Sera is a lot Net "First of all is should specify that in both cases it is of salt of prayer among them not there is no difference, if not for the dimensions being the second of simply smaller size. "

One look to London.
Not are lack of references to recent events record, in particular incident of violence occurred for the streets of London, with starring two Islamic extremists "Who has beheaded yesterday the soldier British  - has said Allam - has emulated Muhammad that has fact example as of we should behave with the enemies of Islam. "

The signatures of Crema.
At the end of the evening the members of the Northern League have cremaschi announced that the next May 27 settle the signatures collected in these weeks of all citizens cremaschi that have wanted say no the hypothesis of 'settlement in cities of an center cultural, mosque or other location of worship afferent Islam.

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Re di Israele
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Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita

Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita
il signoraggio deruba la sovranità costituzionale!

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi
il massacro silenzioso dei cristiani (Antonio Socci)

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.
500 di loro ogni giorno perdono la vita



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la più grande truffa del genere umano! A dei privati S.p.A.
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my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

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